Why Scott Herckis Likes Business

February 27, 2017
Scott Herckis knows financial advice is worthless if the client on the receiving end either can’t use it or doesn’t understand why the advice is good. That is one factor that led Scott Herckis to establish SJH Financial in 2009. He knows that the search process for outside financing to start or grow a business is always difficult, with the first round of venture capital financing being one of the most difficult things any businessman can endure.

Scott Herckis created SJH Financial to satisfy his passion for assisting small businesses in making financial decisions that offer the greatest possible benefit. What sets SJH Financial apart from other financial counseling firms comes with his strong communication style. The financial counselors at SJH Financial don't just tell clients how to make money and what to do with it, they explain all of the how's and whys of their approach and even how it fits into their overall business strategy. Scott Herckis wants you to know why you do things.